Naomi Abigail


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Communication Science


Having graduated in 2014 in Communication Science from the University of Amsterdam (rated #1 in Continental Europe and #8 in the world) I hereby present where I've been and what I am aiming to be.


During my study of Communication Science I learned about the theories of (Social) Media Influence and the effects of the Media on society. Focusing on the latest research and conducting our own, I have gained the knowledge and skills to think analytically and present my findings in a professional way.




In 2013, I was selected to be the subject in a Dutch TV show  called “Find the Difference”, which involved going to a remote village in Ghana for a week. This was my first experience with professional television production (Click here for full episode).


Since then I have been involved in a number of TV and Media activities. Last year, I participated in another Dutch TV documentary about young people and the dating scene in Amsterdam. A few months of weekly volunteering at EmmaTV at the AMC Hospital in Amsterdam where we created tv shows for the children there, was a very fulfilling experience - personally and professionally.


Global Experience


In the first 3 months of 2015, I lived in Hanoi, Vietnam. In a short time I networked my way becoming a "minor foreign celebrity" after being on Vietnamese Television and Speaking at TEDx in Hanoi.


My main activity in Vietnam was to create from scratch my own media company to gain experience and challenge myself in an unknown environment. This involved making contact with relevant professionals - together we created videos (see video page).


Having done more than sixty hours of professional video and voice recordings for a Vietnamese Online English learning website, I feel I am moving in the right direction and I am motivated to continue.


I have also traveled to the following countries (Business and Tourism):


China, Australia, New-Zealand, United States, Vietnam, Ghana, Israel, United-Kingdom, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Poland, France and Italy.




I am continually gaining experience (self-taught) in video presenting, directing and editing which have resulted in a number of short items.


My personal mission:


 Spread worthwhile stories in the most interesting and entertaining way - and contribute to making the world a better place...